Leaving Them Behind

David and I left everyone behind as we headed out to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We had to get to Costco to pick up my Cymbalta. We figured we could get there and pick it up, then meet the rest of our caravan on Highway 90.

As we were getting back on the highway from the hotel I could see the Missouri River. We were well on our way by 7:40.

It was so nice to be driving the speed limit finally. We were just cruising along. We pulled over to gas up at 8:22. Gas was $2.79 and we bought 12.99 gallons for a total of $36.37. Ninety-five more miles to Costco.

We hit snow not long after we left the gas station.

The snow was getting worse but we made it to Costco by 10:15. We called the kids and they had headed out but Jim and Linda were going to wait a while to see if the snow let up.

We wandered around Costco to kill some time. Then we went to try to find somewhere to eat lunch that Dan could get in and out of easy with the trailer. We drove to the other outside of Sioux Falls to find a good place.

A couple of photos while we waited for the kids. They showed up at Marlin’s in Tea, South Dakota.

Why would you name a town, Tea? Something else to research and this is what I found. The name “Tea” was selected on account of its brevity. I guess that is as good an excuse as any.

There was no cover charge for the entertainment.

This was a good place. It was a local diner. You could tell it was good because the locals and the truckers were eating there. The waitress’ were great even with our entertainment.

Can you guess what this is?

This is the ice build up on Dan’s wing mirror.

We hadn’t heard anything from Dan’s parents, Jim and Linda. Heather tried to call them but no answer. We moved on hoping they were ok.

We were in Iowa by 2:10. Another state under our belt, South Dakota.

Heather finally go hold of Linda. It seems they did not get very far before Linda, the van and the Bug ended up in the ditch. They called AAA and were back on the road after they pulled her out.

We stopped for gas at 4:45. The snow is starting to come down again and roads are getting slick. We see the trailer swerving a little. Then all of a sudden big chunks of ice are coming off the truck and the trailer is running over them making Dan slip. He stops thinking something is wrong. David gets out to tell him that he is throwing ice at us. We are glad that is all it was.

We finally get to the hotel and settled in by 7. Dan and Heather take the girls down to the pool for their first experience in a pool. They had fun.

Heather and Dan came over to hang out until the kids fell asleep. We were glad that we had done another 350 miles today. Jim and Linda on the other hand did 130. They were still in Sioux Falls. I guess we will see them in York because they won’t catch up with us now.

Well off to bed because we want to get an early start tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be nice, so we are hoping to do 450 miles. We are only 1037 miles to our new home.

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