To Mt Rushmore or not to Mt Rushmore

Well by the time everyone got checked into the hotel last night and ate no one wanted to check out Deadwood. I guess the kids really wanted to see Deadwood because there is a TV show that they watch. It has even been on for 3 seasons and I guess now they are coming out with a movie.

It was decided that David, Heather and would go back to see Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, then catch up with the rest of the group. We could drive a lot faster since we weren’t towing anything.

If you want to check out Deadwood continue reading.

Well our day started out with breakfast with the rest of our caravan.

We couldn’t get a late checkout but they said they would hold our luggage until we were ready to leave because 3 of the vehicles, the ones hauling trailers, were parked several blocks away. We were parked closer.

We then went to check out the town of Deadwood.

Quite a few of the stores were pet friendly which made it nice.

After learning all about how to unearth fossils we found an active site in Deadwood. They were unearthing China town. We were told so far all they had found was broken bottles and dishes.

Heather thought she would go for a cruise on a dragon.

Then on we walked through Deadwood.

Mommy and Daddy went in to check out a buffet and we went round and round in the stroller and made this cool pattern. It doesn’t take much to entertain me.

We ate lunch and while the girls entertained us.

David and I enjoyed a local brew.

Heather and I started walking down towards the vehicles with a stop in the store to get a Christmas ornament. Heather had asked Dan if he was sure that he was going to be ok with the girls all that time with him driving. He said sure he could do it. I guess though it was decided while we stopped at the store that we could plan a trip next summer. So there was no Mt Rushmore but there is so much to see and explore in this area it is a shame to not get to take the time to enjoy it.

Back to the hotel to load up.

Well some people loaded the vehicles while others checked out the pumpkins.

As we were leaving Deadwood I was wondering which was older, Deadwood or Tombstone. Once again I do some research.

Deadwood was founded in 1876. Deadwood was named after some dead trees in the gulch. It was a gold rush town. Deadwood is best known for where Wild Bill Hickok was killed.

Tombstone was founded in 1879 by a prospector, Ed Schieffelin. It is best known for the shootout at the OK Corral.

So which is the oldest, Deadwood, by 3 years.

Then came time to say good bye to Deadwood at 1:15 and head on down the road. I continued to work on my shoot from the car window while we are moving photography.

Heather is starting to worry now because she has some men coming to unload our van on Sunday and this is Tuesday. The weather is starting to get a little worse and that is slowing some people down even more. We are going to have to start leaving earlier to make it by Saturday.

At 2:15 we have stopped for gas. The gas is $2.39 a gallon. We bought 8.4 gallons for $20.20. There is the worry about making better time but when you spend 30 minutes or more at every gas stop that isn’t going to happen. I am glad I am just following behind.

I spent the morning trying to get two of my meds ordered at the Costco in Sioux Falls. I could get one no problem but my Lyrica is a narcotic, so I couldn’t get that one. I could get it if my doctor faxed them a new prescription but doctors can’t do that because it is a different state. I have decided that I am sick of having trouble with not being able to get more than a 30 day supply. Which is fine but if I go on vacation to soon to refill I have to do without. I am just going to go through the withdrawals and tell my new doctor, when I find one, that I want something else for my fibromyalgia. Hopefully, David will still be alive when we reach York, Pennsylvania.

Well we went through another time change, so it was 7:30 when we landed at the Econo Lodge for the night. David went to get everyone else some food. We were still full from our lunch and just wanted to relax.

Thanks for following our journey and we hope you are enjoying it.

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