Three States

We did get an early start today. We left the hotel at 8:15. We were out of diapers so David and I took off in search of them. We took the first exit along the freeway and found nothing. Then we couldn’t get back on the road going east. We ended up right back where we had started from.

Heather and Dan have now gotten ahead of us. We found a bigger town where we could get diapers and figured we might as well gas up. This was around 10. It took us until lunch to catch up with the kids.

We crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois at 12:04.

The kids found a restaurant in Geneseo, Illinois call Sweet Peas Grill. The food was amazing. Heather ordered a hamburger that actually had peanut butter on it. She said it was the best burger she ever had. If you are ever in the area you have to check it out.

Skirting Chicago we got into rush hour traffic.

We gassed up in Illinois. The gas was $2.54 with a total of$21.76 for 8.5 gallons.

We got on our first toll road which cost us $1.10.

We were welcomed to Indiana at 4:45.

We went through our second to last time change before we stopped for the night.

We were in our hotel by 7. We ordered some supper in. While the boys waited for the food Heather and I took the girls swimming.

I wasn’t feeling that great today with not having my Lyrica but I am going to make it. David is still alive.

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