Toll Roads

We got a late start today because Kate decided to get up at 4:30 and not go back to sleep. So Mom and Dad were kind of slow moving this morning. We left at 9:25 with only 584 miles to go before we were at our new home.

We gassed up as soon as we left the hotel. Gas was $2.49 a gallon. We got 9.55 gallons which cost $23.87.

We were on toll roads the rest of the way out of Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I slept almost all day in the car. I am still not feeling great. I drank milk and a little yogurt for breakfast.

We hit Ohio at 11. We decided to eat lunch at the truck stop. I just had milk again. It seems to help my nausea. After lunch we headed out again. We seemed to be stopping at every truck stop, since Dan drank to much at lunch. We thought we were going on a tour of truck stops for a while there.

By 4:30 and our last time change we were in our new home state, Pennsylvania.

David woke me up long enough to take this photo. I told him to so I could get a photo as we entered the state.

I did catch this shot of the sun starting to go down.

Our gas light came on just 54 miles before we got off the toll road to stop for the night. We got lucky and found a truck stop before too long. Dan and David both filled up the vehicles.

We were sitting in our car when we noticed Dan and Heather walking around theirs with a flashlight. It ended up that Dan couldn’t find his cell phone. It wasn’t a big surprise to find out that Kate had it.

It was 5:20 when we stopped for gas. The gas had gone up here. It was $2.95 a gallon. Our car took 14.75 gallons which cost $42.69. David said we were ok because we still had 2 gallons.

David took this photo at the truck stop.

Heather found out there was a Cracker Barrel close to our hotel, so we decided to eat supper there before we got to the hotel.

David and I parked so we could go in and get us a table. They told us it would be about 20 minutes. He went out to find the kids to tell them. He came walking in with Becca. He told me that Kate had thrown up and the parents were dealing with that. We hadn’t thought about it being Friday night. The place was packed.

We finally got to our table. Our food arrived and we were all eating when poor little Kate just started throwing up. It just kept spewing out. When she was done she went right back to eating. She did act like she felt bad right before we left but by the time we got to the hotel she acted fine again.

Heather had to give the girls baths because Kate really smelled bad.

We went around 400 miles today. We are hoping to be in York tomorrow around noon. That is if everything goes as planned and we get out of here early. We only have about 184 miles to go.

I slept all day, so David didn’t have to put up with me much. I think I am hanging in there pretty good because David is still alive.

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