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Sorry I am a week late writing my blog. The hotel we stayed in last I couldn’t get online to post this blog and then we had no internet in the new house. So here is the post from Saturday to continue our last leg of our journey.

We left our hotel at 8:30 with 194 miles to go. Hoping to see our new home around noon.

At 10 I needed a restroom so we stopped at one last truck stop so I could go and we topped off gas. The gas was $2.84 a gallon. We bought 4.8 gallons for $13.78.

The fall colors were almost gone but I did get a few photos.

We went through several tunnels.

I have always loved tunnels. The Chesapeake Bay tunnel was cool. You could see an aircraft carrier going over while you are driving through. To think of that huge ship on top of you is amazing.

Then there were the Mersy Tunnels between the Wirral and Liverpool. These are probably the longest and oldest ones I have been through.

I got a few photos of the rolling hills as we passed. I can’t wait to start taking photos of our new area..

We saw our first Amish carriage. Boy can they make those things move. They must have some great hourses. It will be interesting to find out what kind of horses they use.

I researchd it and look what I found.

What Kinds of Horses Do the Amish Use?

  • Standardbreds. The standardbred mainly is bred for use in harness racing. While they have the ability to canter, they generally have been trained …
  • American Saddlebred.
  • Draft Horses.
  • Haflingers.

Harness racing horses that would explain why they canter so beautiful and are fast.

We are on our last leg now. We see our first sign with York on it.

Driving into our new neighborhood.

It is a beautiful older neighborhood with large trees.

At 12:30 we arrived at Heather and Dan’s new house. Also, ours until we find our own place.

I guess I did’t take photos of our finished basement with a sliding glass door onto our patio. I will have to do that once I have unpacked everything.

The girls thought they were home because they found stairs like at our old homes.

Heather had rented a 2 bedroom suite for us tonight. We all decided after lunch Oma, Grandpa and girls would go to hotel for a nap. The girls had not been feeling real good the last couple days with Kate throwing up and Bekka having the runs. Bekka ended up napping with us and when Kate woke up we all played in the bed for awhile.

The girls then were feeling a little more rested. They found a stool with wheels and decided that their roar needed a ride.

They were such little troopers through the whole move. It did’t matter how tired we were when we would stop for lunch they would have us all laughing at their antics.

Mommy and Daddy came home with dinner. Everyone ate but for me. I still was not eating much as I was still going through withdrawals. I think I was the only one who actually lost weight during the trip. One thing I can say good about going through the withdrawals.

Linda and Jim are still missing in action but Dan hears from them every night and they are getting closer. Heather and I think it will be Monday David says it will be Tuesday. We will see.

Off to bed because the muscle Heather hired to unload the trailer will be at the house tomorrow. Oh to sleep in our bed.

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