Our First Walk

Sunday was our official move in. The muscle that Heather hired showed up at 1 to unload the trailer. I know Dan and David were glad they didn’t have to do it all. The first thing I did was get our bed set up. It sure was nice to sleep in our own bed. Of course, we didn’t bring the box spring because it is old. We have a new one coming on Thursday.

The best thing that happened was that Jim and Linda made it on Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have the gang back together. It was sooner than Heather, David and I thought. We thought the earliest was going to be Monday.

Heather and I went to Aldi’s to by a few groceries for the house. Heather made bean and cheese burrito’s for dinner. I still am not eating much because of the withdraws.


Monday we all went shopping in IKEA which is in Baltimore. The kids bought some of the furniture they needed there. We had all sold a lot of our stuff to save on weight in the trailer. I guess we didn’t leave enough behind since half of our stuff is still in Edmonton, Canada

Heather’s friend, Rachael, flew in from South Carolina to help her with unpacking. The kids had to pick her up in Harrisburg.

Wednesday Jim had to fly back to Alaska to go back to work. Linda took him early in the morning to Harrisburg.

Then later that morning we all went to check out a new grocery store, Giant.


I have been assigned to do all the cooking, so everyone is going on Keto. Heather made the meal plan. As I cooked the first dinner, Kate came up to me to pick her up. I told her that I was cooking her dinner. She went to get in her highchair and tried to buckle herself in. Of course, then little sister, Becca joined in. These girls really keep us laughing.

Finally we got a nice day with no wind and a bit warmer. Linda and I decided it was time to take the girls for their first walk around the neighborhood.

They really enjoyed their walk. We brought them home and fed them lunch. Then a little more playing before nap time.

They took a really long nap. I think the fresh air was good for them. We are slowly getting them back on a schedule.

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