Hershey Park

Heather decided she wanted to do something fun before her first day of work, so they bought tickets to take us all to Hershey Park.

We headed to Hershey Park only to find out that they didn’t open until noon. This happened to be good for us because poor, little Kate got sick on the way there. We believe that she gets car sick now that the car seats are turned around like big girls. To say the least there were no extra clothes for her, so Heather had to get her something. The American Zoo which is part of Hershey Park was open, so she just went to the gift shop and grabbed her a t-shirt.

We still had almost 2 hours before the park opened. We had noticed a sign for Tanger Outlet Stores, so off we went. It was decided that you could go shopping or to the auto museum.

Tanger Outlets are cool if you are looking for something. I was not.


I decided to go to the auto museum with Dan and David because I would rather look at old cars. than shop.


This place was amazing but we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy it. We will be going back for sure.

They had a whole room devoted to the Tucker automobiles which I thought were amazing. The ideas that they came up with were so fantastic but the big car makers didn’t want them to make it, so they couldn’t get the materials they needed. There were only 50 Tuckers ever built. If you love cars you have to check these out.



I wonder if my grandfathers ever worked on any of them? They were both mechanics who owned their own shops. I will have to ask Dad he might know.

On our way out we stopped to check out the model railway.

Off we went to go pick up the rest of the girls and head to the park. The day was cool but the wind was blowing so it felt alot colder than it was. We hopped on the trolley to ride to the park.

Before we did anything we headed out to find something for lunch. We just ended up eating at a Subway that was there. Now with our bellies full we headed out for fun. Soon as we walked outside the girls saw the carrousel and started getting excited.


Bekka and Kate loved it. They then got their photo taken with the Reese guy.

We decided to head to the American Zoo next.

Then all of the a sudden the girls start getting all excited again. What do they see now. TRUCKS! Off Mommy and Daddy go to ride the trucks with the girls.

Kate drove as Becca waved like a little queen at the grandparents snapping photos.

Now off to the zoo where the girls got to see roars.

Dad took a break with the girls.

The girls have now missed their nap and are cold and tired. We went to the Hershey Chocolate building but decided it was time to take our little girls home.

We all had a great day. If you are ever in the area you should check out Hershey park.


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