Penn Oaks Park

Heather and I decided to have a little daughter/granddaughter time. We walked down to our local park, Penn Oaks Park. We loaded the wagon with Bekka and Kate and off we went.

We crossed a cute little creek in the park.

It has been so long time since the girls got to go to a park they were not sure of the slides and swings. Heather had to go down the slides with them.

Mommy and Kate had electric hair afer the tunnel slide.

I think the girls like to hear the leaves crunch under their feet.

Then came the walk home. Bekka got mad because Mommy wouldn’t carry her home.

Then Bekka was mad because Mommy wouldn’t carry her in the house. Now I have a photo to embarass her with.

They may not be on their best behavior all the time but they will always mean the world to me just like all my other grandchildren.

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