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I know I have been slow about writing but things are moving along very well here. David and I have gotten our Pennsylvania drivers license. We are waiting on a new title from Alaska to register our car because ours must be in Edmonton, Canada. We both got a local number and registered to vote. I guess we are becoming real Pennsylvanians. I guess that is what you call someone from PA.

Thanksgiving wasn’t our norm. We ordered our dinner from Cracker Barrel. It was ok but not what we were used too.

Last Saturday we went to the Christmas tree lighting. It was not near as good as the one in Anchorage, Alaska. I guess not everyone gets to have Santa arrive in a sled pulled by real reindeers.

After the ceremony we went to Iron Horse to eat. The food was just so so and not worth going back too.

We went to the Christmas Market in Harrisburg on Sunday. It is the largest one I have ever been to. The prices were really great and I found some great gifts.

The girls stayed busy while we were there dancing to the music. If there is any kind of music they will dance. The other day at Central Market Kate took over the dance floor while a Celtic band played. When they would stop she would ask for more.

The boys are heading back to Edmonton to retrieve the rest of our stuff. Of course, all our Christmas stuff is there. When they get back we can put up a tree.

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