Mad Hatter

Heather got the girls these cute little hat hair clips at the Christmas market. Bekka just really loved hers and wore it all the time.

I am thinking I can make this. Heather decides the girls should have one for every holiday. I give it a try and this is what I came up with.

Bekka was my little model once again.

Heather says, “Mom, you should make these and sell them.” So I made these.

They are made out of some felt, a little batting and some decorations. They have a hairclip on the bottom to put it in your hair.

I think I will get some more varieties of hat clips made and then see if I can sell them. What should I ask for them? Let me know what you think int he comments.

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Author: olehippies

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2 thoughts on “Mad Hatter”

  1. First off, they are adorable! I wouldn’t know what to charge except to make it cover your cost for materials. Do you kow about Etsy? Make them, take good pics, then make yourself an online Etsy shop and sell them there!

    1. My daughter suggested $9.99. She can’t remember what she paid for hers. I think I might do that. I do have an Etsy account. I have it closed right now but plan to open it up again in March when we get back from our month in Seattle area with family and friends.

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