So Far Behind

I am so far behind in my blogging that I decided today is the day I need to catch up, so here we go starting with Christmas.

This is our granddaughter’s second Christmas they are 22 months old this year. They are so much more into it than last year. In fact, last year there was so much family gathered for their first Christmas they had to nap in between present opening.

Of course we have to start out with the decorating of the tree.

Christmas Eve Jameson, Dan’s little brother, made us a wonderful dinner. While he was cooking the girls went out to play. It was weird having a unwhite Christmas.

Jameson loves to cook and made us a wonderful dinner.

Our family has a tradition that we get to open one present under the tree on Christmas Eve.

Santa came during the night.

Mommy, Heather, was up early getting Christmas morning crepes made for all of us.

When Kate and Bekka woke up Mommy and Daddy brought them down for an exciting Christmas morning.

The girls had to check out everything under the tree before breakfast.

Then it was time for our wonderful breakfast.

Now the fun began of unwrapping presents. The girls got a little spoiled since both sets of grandparents where here for Christmas.

A wonderful day was had by all. We so enjoyed the girls this year. They really started to get into Christmas.

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