Day with Our Girls

Dan had a bunch of things to do yesterday, so David and I took care of the girls. We had a ton of fun with them.

The girls decided they could dress themselves.

I asked the girls if they wanted to go outside. Kate got her pants off and boots on.

After managing to get the girls dressed we went out to check on the birdhouse before we started to play.

We went to see what was going on by the garage and we found Bogart sitting in Horace.

Then the girls found the spring horse that Dan and Heather picked up the other day. It needs a handle and it will be moved into the playroom.

Then it was time to play with rocks and wander around the backyard.

Grandpa and I decided to take the girls for a walk around the block before lunch and nap time.

It was 65 degrees, so I decided to grill some dogs for our supper. The girls came out with us.

We had a wonderful day with our little girls.

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