February Birthdays

David and I are leaving February 12th to go to Seattle to take care of 3 of our elementary age granddaughters, so we had a early birthday celebration in York on Friday. Dan’s birthday is on the 13th, Bekka and Kate’s is on the 16th and mine is on the 26th. My daughter, Sarah, in Gig Harbor had a birthday on the 1st. I have plenty of birthdays that is for sure.

Of course Oma had to make some birthday hats.

The girls keep us laughing all the time. Like Friday they were watching the screensaver on our TV and thought it was like nang nang, cell phone. They thought it was a touch screen.

We went out to dinner at Montego Bay Grille. They have the best jerk chicken. If you are ever in the area you have to try it.

Montego Bay Grille

We then came home and all the birthday people got to open their presents.

Bekka and Kate opened their presents from Oma and Grandpa. They got the aprons and purses I made for them. We also got them some necklaces and put them in their purses.

Daddy opened his present from us next. We found a beer selection from Game of Thrones.

I got a porch swing for our new house.

The girls decided that Daddy should really look prettier.

Kate loved the aprons and her purse. She decided to wear to wear all 4 of them.

Bekka loved the necklaces and her purse.

The next morning Mommy had them help her bake some brownies. Kate and Mommy let me take their photo. Bekka was on the move as usual.

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