Hanging with My Girls

Mom and Dad left for Hawaii on Wednesday and we started our babysitting of our granddaughter’s, Willow, Meadow and Brodie. Brodie is my son’s daughter and he will be home from work on Saturday.

We will see if they still like each other after spending 13 days alone. They have never been on their own this long before. Hopefully, they will both make it home safe and sound.

Meadow decided she was going to buy a sucker with a scorpion in it because some of the boys at school got one and ate it. She was not going to be out done by some dumb boys.

After licking on it for a while she decided to just bite into it and eat it. She started hitting it on the table trying to get the scorpion out. The sucker and scorpion broke in half. She wouldn’t eat it, so Oma did. She still had the other half she could eat.

The kids heat the house with a wood heater. Being that they grew up with one they know how to handle one and know it keeps their electric bill way down. Of course, they learned how from me.

We got up the first morning after Mom and Dad were gone and the house was cold. The girls wanted me to warm the house up but I told them I couldn’t because they haven’t gotten in any wood. I told them to do it the night before and they didn’t want too. I made them carry in extra so this didn’t happen again.

It was the most they had ever carried in.

David and I decided to go for a walk. Brodie was heading home on her bike because she had wiped out on a skateboard. She dropped her bike off and grabbed Little Bear for a walk. We found the other girls riding skateboards down the street.

We walked them all to the park. Brodie being only 7 isn’t allowed unless there is an adult with her. Meadow can only go if she goes with a group. Their friend Lilly came too.

We walked home on a trail instead of the road.

We had to stop for a photo op at their favorite dead fall. The short blonde is the friend, Lilly. Willow is the oldest, then Meadow and then little Brodie these are my Washington Girls.

We even got Little Bear to pose.

Fun was had by all.

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