Key Peninsula

After we got the girls on the bus to school David and I decided to drive into Purdy and walk along the beach by the bridge.

That’s right the name of the town is Purdy, Washington. My son, Cade, was telling me that when he was looking for a house he saw an ad that said Purdy house. This might be the place I want that must be owned by a hillbilly like with his purdy (pretty) house. Anyway it wasn’t the house for him but if you would like to know more about Purdy check out this link

We walked along the beach.

We watched this fly fisherman go up and down the beach trying different spots. He had no luck though.

We snapped pictures as we walked down to the bridge.

I snapped pictures of barnacles, shells, rocks, driftwood and landscape. Really just anything that caught my fancy.

We made it to the bridge. Under the bridge are signs of campfires. I am sure this is a party place.

If you walk under the bridge you come upon the oyster farm.

Then it was time to head back toward the truck. I had walked along the shore on our way to the bridge, so I walked along the high water mark on the way back. Yes, I snapped more photos.

Once again we came upon the poor fly fisherman who caught nothing for his dinner.

It was then time to say good-bye to the beach.

I took one last photo before we left of my wonderful husband, David.

Thanks for stopping bye!

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