South African Burgers

On Sunday Cade needed to go to Tracy and Ryan’s to help him with some trees they had fallen. Cade had left him his chainsaw to cut the trees up for firewood. There were a couple that were really big and Ryan couldn’t handle them.

Ryan and Tracy are from South Africa. Of course they have a different way of cooking and seasoning their burgers.

When we first arrived we all hung out to visit a bit and have some chips and dips or were we the dips. Not sure but anyway.

The boys then went out to get to work.

Ryan not having any experience with chainsaws had the chain so dull Cade couldn’t get it to go through the wood. Cade had to sharpen and sharpen the chain.

After that Cade got to start cutting the logs.

Ryan was doing some raking.

Cade’s pride and joy.

His truck he got from his Pepaw.

Then it was time to start the cooking.

“What you talking about, Uncle Cade?”

This is what we call manpower.

Now Cade could cut the logs the rest of the way through.

These were some good size trees.

A great time was had by all and I highly recommend South African Burgers.

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