Brewery and Mexican Food

Four years ago while visiting John Lee and Nancy we found a nice brewery called Lantern Brewing. Every time we come back we always go to have a beer or two. It is about 6 blocks from their house.

When John and Nancy left for work we decided we would walk to Lantern Brewing and eat from whatever food truck the have there.

Yes, I had to take some flower photos on our walk.

It is a small brewery. They don’t sell in stores but around 40 restaurants and bars carry their beer.

We couldn’t decide which beer to have so we decided to have a flight of beer. You had several different size flights. We went with the 10 because they had 10 beers on tap.

This only had 8 when she brought it to us because she had to chance 2 kegs.
Now we have all 10.

The menu above is what was on tap that day. It is also the order that our beers were in on our flight.

After finishing our flight we each had one beer. The one I had was:


Collab w/Pilgrim Coffee; Rebuild Women’s Hope co-op, grown Eastern D.R. Congo. Dark berry, ginger, spice notes. Contains Caffeine. (<=5mg full pour) 6.4% a/v

David had went for something different.

PALATINE (TRIPEL) Abbey style ale; sweet, honey aroma & spicy, malty flavor. 9.8% a/v

We enjoyed all the beer except the lager. That was just us though because neither one of us are too keen on lagers.

This brewery is owned by a very nice couple. The husband does all the brewing and he has spent time brewing in France. The flavors of the beer were very inspiring.

The tap room is dog and kid friendly. You should check in out if in the area.

We then found out that the food truck had broken down and was not going to make it. Now we had to decide on what to eat. We had a plan so off we went.

When we walked down this way earlier this week we saw this Toyota HiAce firetruck. We had never seen one before and wanted to get a closer look at it.

We decided we were going to walk into downtown Greenwood and go out for Mexican food.

We decided we were going to Gordito’s the home of the baby size burrito.

David likes to go here to eat when we come to visit.

We try to avoid beans and rice because of the carbs, so Gorditos offers this choice.

Any of the “plates”, skip the black beans, Mexican rice, and tortillas…. and have it with lettuce, sliced onion, tomato and avocado.

You order your food at the counter and they bring it to you when it is ready. To find which table you are at you get one of these.

I had my old stand by of cheese enchiladas which were excellent.

David went with his old stand by of Chili Relleno.

This is once again one of John Lee’s finds. It is even within walking distance from their house. Which is great because I got to work a little of the meal off on our walk home.

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