Carkeek Park

I am finally back online and taking time to catch up with my blogging. Our last day in Seattle, WA we went to see Nancy and work and had a picnic at Carkeek Park.

We decided to go see Nancy before we went to the park. She works at Swanson’s Nursery.

We brought the boys, Frankie and Charlie, with us. Nancy got to show them off.

Swanson Nursery

The flowers were amazing at the nursery.

Be sure to check out Swanson Nursery if you are ever in the area. It is worth the stop.

We stopped at a store to pick up lunch. Then we headed to Carkeek Park.

We had to take a few pics of the growth on the picnic table.

We then enjoyed our picnic.

We then walked down one of the main trails to the orchard.

After a wonderful afternoon at Carkeek Park we headed back to John Lee’s. We hung out until Nancy got home from work. We shared a nice bottle of beer with Nancy and then John Lee took us to the airport to fly back home to Harrisburg, PA. Where our son in law, Dan, picked us up and brought us back to York, PA.

It was hard to say see you later to our good friends and family we left in Seattle area. Thanks for everything and all the fun while we were there.

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Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Carkeek Park”

  1. I’m glad to see you are carrying on as normal, getting outside and enjoying nature and even flew on a plane! That’s awesome, yet strange with everything the media is telling us, I thought there was no travelling right now. Anyway, those flowers are amazing!!

    1. I was glad to get out of Seattle area that is for sure. I just wanted to get back to York and moved into our new house.

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