After the loss of Alice, David and I decided when we got a house with a yard we would adopt another dog. We started looking while we were in Seattle. I filled out applications at different rescues. David had done research on Great Pyrenees and thought one would fit into our family great.


We got approved by several rescues but by that time the female dogs we wanted were gone. Then Lee called from Operation Paws for Homes to talk to us. We were approved but once again the female dog we wanted was gone. She told us about Sweetheart Harrison who tested positive for heart worm and would not available until March 12th. We got back from Seattle March 10th. She told us that he was very sweet but no one wanted him because of his size. We thought about it for about 1 minute. Then we said we want him. We started talking to the foster Mom, Becky, she told us all she knew about Harrison. She was sending us photos of him. We were starting to love him before we met him. It was decided that we would pick him up on Friday, March 13th. This day will always be lucky to us.

Harrison was in Virginia. Becky told us she would meet us halfway. We met in Maryland.

Becky’s daughter, Becky, and us with Harrison

We signed our adoption paperwork, got Harrison supplies and said our goodbyes. Then in the Outback and headed back to York, PA.

Heading to his new home.

We have now figured out that Harrison stress slobbers. We think that every time he is put in a vehicle he gets moved somewhere else. We took him for a ride the other day and he started slobbering tons. It might take him a while to decide that our car doesn’t mean he isn’t coming back but going for fun. We just keep slobber rags in the car and in places around the house. He isn’t too bad when we are home.

We stopped at PetSmart on the way home to grab a couple of things we wanted to get him and let him get a toy. He was so behaved. Other dogs would try to come over to him or bark and he just ignored them. As for the toy, he is learning what toys are and how to play with them.

We decided he smelled too much like dog, so we gave him a bath. He wasn’t very crazy about that but we did find a way that made it less stressful for him.

Wet dog

He likes patrolling his new area.

Hanging outside with Dad is fun too.

Harrison can get a little lazy at feeding time. He dumps his bowl out and lays to eat it.

On Saturday the movers came with all of our things from our kids house.

Random photos of Harrison.

Harrison does great on the leash. This was his first walk. Today when we went for his walk he picked up his speed quite a bit. He does love to go for his walks.

We hope Harrison will be happy with us because we are very happy with him.

If you are ever looking for a pet to adopt I highly recommend Operation Paws for Homes. If you can’t adopt maybe you can be a foster or do both. Thanks.


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7 thoughts on “Harrison”

    1. I have always adopted. I think it is the best way to go. Plus, I always end up with the best dogs.

  1. He has such sad eyes, I’m glad yall had the hearts to adopt him. I guess he is being treated for the heartworms? Maybe all the moves have made him sad and once he realizes he is in his forever home, he will relax. He is very handsome, I hope he brings yall tons of joy!

  2. We fostered Harrison for a few days through OPH and still think of him every day. He’s the most loving gentle giant ever. I’m so glad he’s found his permanent home! All of you look so happy together. It brings a tear to my eye and was meant to be. Keep posting pictures of him and thank you!

  3. This is so sweet, the fact that he thinks he’ll be moved every time he gets into a car is so heartbreaking. I hope he learns all about live that stays from you and your family! ♥️

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