Coronavirus and Harrison

Living in Alaska in a cabin in the woods you learn about cabin fever and how to protect yourself from it. I know we are supposed to stay in but they are recommending outside activities like hiking or walking. I know that is what always helped me was to get outside and move. Thanks to Harrison we always take him for a walk, well at least for the little over a week we have had him. Of course, I say that as I look at the rain coming down outside. I really don’t want to smell wet dog the rest of the day. We have several times had to wait until the rain stopped to go. Hopefully, we will this time too. Looks pretty gray outside though.

Our happy family in front of our new house.

When you adopt a pet you make a promise that you will get them to your vet in the first two weeks. I called and made an appointment when we got home with Harrison. Our appointment was yesterday, Sunday, March 22,2020. I started getting text from our vet telling us how they were trying to protect everyone from Coronavirus. The first text days before the appointment said to call when we arrived and to sit in the car until they were ready for us. They also said only one of us could go in with him. On Saturday I got a text and an email letting us know the changes they were making. We were to call when we arrived and stay in the car. The nurse will call you to talk to you about your dog. With it being Harrison’s first visit there they had several questions; including do you have his medical history and stool sample. They needed to know what kind of Heartworm treatment he had and if he was up to date on shots. Then we wait in the car until they call us for them to take them in. Yes, neither of us could go in with him. This worried me a little bit because I didn’t want him thinking we were dumping him off.

Harrison waiting for the nurse to come get him at vet.

The nurse calls and comes out to get your pet, samples and any paperwork you have.

David waiting to hand off Harrison to nurse.

The vet is on the phone with you while she exams your dog. She tells you if there are any problem. We found out that Harrison had ear infections. They cleaned his ears and put antibiotic drop in both of them. We have to clean his ears every 3 days and put the drops in his ears everyday. He is also underweight so he gets more food. He only weighs 83lbs. which really surprised us. We could tell that he was thin when we gave him a bath but were shocked to find out how much.

We had told the vet that he had nipped at a vet when they tried to take his temperature. The didn’t want to traumatize him so they didn’t take his temperature. I thought that was great. They said he did really good even when he got his nails trimmed.

Dr Gale said he was a healthy young man. His lungs and heart sounded great. He has to go back in 2 weeks to have his ears checked again and 9 months to be rechecked for heartworms.

East York Veterinary Center is a great place. I was glad to see they were taking such precautions to protect everyone. The staff there are all wonderful. They took such good care of my Alice when her time had come. This is the reason we didn’t change vets when we moved into our new house. It is just an all around great place to take your pet. I highly recommend it.

Outside of East York Veterinary Center

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by!

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