Crewdsons and CoronaVirus

Well I imagine that all of us our doing things differently in our life because we are trying to do what we can do to stop the spread of Covid19. We are doing what we can to entertain ourselves here in our home.

We have taken Harrison to the vet. They want everyone safe, so you sit outside while they examine your pet. Talk to you on the phone to let you know what it going on with your pet. When we left we thought we were done. Then we get a call to tell us that Harrison has hookworms too. David had to go and pick up his meds. When he arrived he had to call to let them know he was there. He gave him his card info and then they brought out his medication.

I had a doctor appointment this week with my new doctor. I had been waiting for almost 2 months to get in. I was figuring they would cancel it but they didn’t. We arrived at the doctor’s office. There was a gentleman outside that by using social distancing asked me several questions and told us the David couldn’t come in with me. I was handed a mask because we had been in Seattle for a month, returning on March 9th. Was allowed into the empty waiting room. I was escorted back within a minute or two. There in my room things seemed like just a normal office visit. After the nurse talked to me and the doctor had gone through my records I had brought in earlier we discussed my plan.

The main reason was to get my medicines. I told my doctor I had run out of Lyrica and didn’t want to ever take it again because of the withdrawl when I couldn’t get it. He is trying me on Gabapentin. I will see how that works for my Fibromyalgia. Then I got tons of referral to doctors; Gastro for colonoscopy, Podiatry for my feet, Pulmonology for my sleep apnea, Ophtalmology for eyes because of diabetes and last another bone density test. I was surprised that I was getting appointments but because of it not being an emergency they are all pretty far out. I don’t mind. It was a very good experience at our new doctor’s office and am glad we picked that clinic. I felt safe there with everything going on.

We do take Harrison for a walk everyday unless it is raining. We have missed a couple of days due to the rain. It does look like we might get a bunch of rain this weekend, so we will be getting in everyday we can. We all enjoy our time out walking the neighborhood, waving at our neighbors, and saying Hi. It is nice to see that there are some things that didn’t change that much. I did see on Nextdoor that some of the areas are doing a Bear Hunt. You put a teddy bear somewhere in your house or on you house. They can be sitting in a window, on your roof or maybe sitting in a flower bed. Then you post that you have one on your Nextdoor app. Now take your kids out bear hunting.

We have been getting more of our unpacking done. One of my main problems was where to put all my kitchen things. I decided I needed a hutch for the dining area. I found one on Facebook. Luckily, it was before it got too bad. I spent $50 on it.

Harrison seems to like it.

I am getting it done slowly but surely. I think I am down to 2 totes and the kitchen will be done.


There is still space in the some of the drawers and shelves. I figure I will be changing it around until I get it just how I want it.

Dining area complete with table & chairs, hutch, highchairs and Harrison.

Of course, when the sun is out we spend time in the backyard.

Find Harrison

We also needed a shower curtain and medicine cabinet for our small bathroom. I shopped online for these things.


We wanted something bright and I think we found it. I still have bright orange rugs, light purple & light green towels coming. Then I think this room will be done.

We have been playing card and board games.

Playing crib

Of course, we have been watching tv. We have been trying to catch up with the shows we missed while in Gig Harbor, WA. Then there is usually a nightly movie. We do this anyway.

Of course I am still cooking our meals except for one evening when we ordered out and had it delivered. It is nice to be able to help the locals a little bit by buying local.

I hope everyone out there is being safe. What have you been doing with your time at home?

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Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Crewdsons and CoronaVirus”

  1. I love your shower curtain and medicine cabinet and your hutch too! I’m glad you are settling in and Harrison seems to be adjusting well. The world has gone crazy but yall seem to be having a pretty normal looking life, good for you! Take care and stay well!

    1. Thanks Kim. I hope your family are all well. We are trying to have a some what normal life. We were hoping to start exploring our new area but that is put on hold for now.

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