Things That Aggravate

There are things that aggravate us in this time of a universal crisis. There are some people and business that are sticking to the rules of social distancing and covering our face while others don’t.

First I will talk about business and people who abide by the new rules to try to stay safe from Covid-19.

We had to take our Harrison back to the vet for a recheck for his ear infection. I want to say that East York Veterinary does a great job of social distancing and the wearing of a mask. We arrived at the clinic and called to let them know we had arrived. Then when it was time to bring Harrison in I placed him in the between the two glass doors. After I was out the nurse came in and got him. Dr Gale called me during the visit to tell me what was going on. He still had the ear infection but it was getting better. After talking to the doctor we get a phone call from the office to pay by card. Harrison is then brought back and put between the two glass doors with his meds. There was no contact with any person. Great job done by our vet. If you live in York, PA and need a vet I highly recommend our vet.

It just makes you wonder what kind of horrible life Harrison had before us; ear infections, heart worm and hook worms. Hopefully, soon we will have him back to normal. We can see the difference already. He is getting more energy, eating good and drinking tons of water. He has also gained 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks. He is still underweight but I am sure it will be up where he belongs soon. He still doesn’t like walking more than a mile at a time. He gets really slow at the end. This will take time but he is headed in the right direction.

We then had to go to pick up some mail that was sent to my kids house. One package was my medication from Humana, so I did need this. We arrived at our kids house to find a box on the porch with our stuff. This we had already planned on.

Our box on the porch. Using social distancing.

I visited with our granddaughters through the window. It is hard not to be able to touch them but we want to keep them safe.

My little Kate
Kate, Bekka and Dad

This is how our family does social distancing. I did have on a mask too. I really miss spending time with our little girls. I am so glad that the kids bought us a Portal for Christmas. It is a great way to visit with our grandkids. We love all of you!

We then went to Giant Grocery Store to pick up a few things we had to have like milk, vegetables and tried to get some distilled water for my cpap which they were out of. I am not sure how come this is a depleted item. Anyway this is where I got aggravated. We drove up and I noticed employees gathering carts outside. They had no masks on. I thought well I guess it is because they are outside. When we walked in I started to notice that at least half the employees weren’t wearing mask or gloves. There was maybe only 1/4 of the people in the store with a mask. I have not made us any yet but I had one from my doctor visit and David wore a bandanna. I just don’t understand this. I felt less safe there than anywhere else we had to go.

We returned home. The day was beautiful so a BBQ was called for.

David read his book while our drumsticks were cooking.

They turned out great.

We decided it would go good with a nice local craft beer.

Yes we were right. It went very well with beer and the salad that David made.

I also did a few more black and while photos. Let me know what you think. I am having fun with this.

Please stay safe out there. Wear a mask and wash your hands.

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