Walking the Neighborhood

We have been walking, when weather permits, around our neighborhood. I have noticed a lot of people all day doing the same thing. I wonder if there will be as much walking when this is all over. We decided to make our walk a photo shoot.

Harrison always attracts attention. He is getting known as the neighborhood polar bear. As we all practice our social distancing we talk to neighbors across the street. Of course, they all want to talk about our Harrison. What kind of dog is he? He looks like a polar bear. What a beauty. He gets tons of attention. He is a beauty though and a sweetheart.

Social Distancing
Dog in Dogwood Petals

As we are on our walk some of Harrison’s friends say Hi.

We continue on our walk.

We admire the beautiful flowers and trees.

Coming from Alaska I can’t get over all the colors already this spring. A lot more color than I am used to this time of year. Also, no snow. Some of the shapes of the trees and the size of the trees really amazes me. All the beautiful flowers blooming already just make you smile in this time. At least nature has not stopped amazing me. I want to see what all is coming up in our flower beds, so I can see what I want to do to them.

We continued on.

There is also all the yard art that we enjoyed.

I have always liked to play horseshoes. I saw this in someones yard. I will call it rings. I would think you play it kind of like horseshoes but must get the ring over the stake or maybe close to it like in shoes.

After we got back I decided I needed to work on my dresser. I had covered the top with resin before we left Alaska. I didn’t get it covered totally so I wanted to fix it before I move it in the house. The top is covered with postcards I got while in the UK, Germany and Luxembourg taking care of Baggy’s ashes. For you that didn’t know Baggy, Stuart Bagot, was my second husband who I lost.

I still need to put another coat but need to get a trowel before I can. I will post when I am done.

Stay safe out there and let me know what you are up to in this time of our life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Neighborhood”

  1. Gorgeous spring down there! We’re still a snowscapped city. Really sad how abruptly our concert season ended. One Monday night we’re rehearsing for a concert two weeks out, then a couple days later, we’re informed it’s over. No end-of-season good-byes… just done. Sure missed chatting with my Cryptoquote buddy at the rehearsals we did have…

    1. David misses all you guys too. We found a chorus that David is going to try out for in August. We are doing good here. We miss our mountains but not the snow.

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