David Does It Again

Well it has been almost 11 months since something like this happened to David. We were in Seattle and someone pushed David. He landed flat on his face. He was knocked unconscious. He scared me to death.

This was after 7 stitches.

He says he made it almost to 70 before he got stitches and a black eye. That time he ended up with 2 black eyes. Actually, he was bruised from his eyebrows to his collar bone. We were lucky though because it healed up and nothing was broken. I did have to drive us back home to Anchorage though.

So can you guess what I am going to tell you next?

We were out for our walk the other day. David takes off from Harrison and I because he likes to get up to his 4 miles an hour walk. We meet up on our route and then head home together. I saw David coming and he hand signaled me to turn around. Which I did. Then I here David calling me. I turn around and find David laying on the ground. I immediately have a flashback of 11 months ago. By the time I get back to him he is up. He managed to walk home. I followed the blood trail home.

I took David in the bathroom so I could start cleaning and bandaging.

David fell so hard he shattered his FitBit.

The thing he said hurt the worse was his right wrist. This all happened around 11:30 – noon. I asked if I should call our doctor. David said no he thought he was fine. Finally, around 4:30 he said maybe we should call the doctor. I called our clinic and they had us talk to a nurse. She sent us to an orthopedic emergency. I drove David there and sat in the car while he went in, social distancing. They took an x-ray of his wrist and informed him he broke his wrist but they needed a better look, so the next day he had to go get CT scan. They splinted his wrist up past his elbow so he can’t bend his arm or wrist. They also checked out his knee and bandaged it again. They didn’t seem worried about his other hand because he told him that it didn’t hurt.

The next morning we went to the hospital to get his CT scan. The results were in by the afternoon. David was then referred to an Orthopedic doctor. He has an appointment next Friday which will be a week after the accident.

This is what the CT scan found:

1. Nondisplaced comminuted fracture involving the dorsal aspect of the pisiform. 

2. Lucencies within the dorsal distal capitate, distal scaphoid pole, and radial styloid as detailed above, most likely representing nutrient vessel channels.

Today I got some new photos. He is starting to heal which makes me happy. At least, having to stay inside people don’t think I was beating on him.

I believe that from now on David is going to have to go walking with a helmet with a face guard and maybe skateboard padding. He could be put in a bubble. That might be fun. At least, it would be a laugh.

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Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

11 thoughts on “David Does It Again”

    1. Thx Kim. He is healing good. His knee is the worse of the scraps but the rest are doing good. We will know more about his wrist next Friday.

      1. Did he trip over something? I feel so bad this happened again. Maybe he should try yoga once he is healed and strengthen his balance and coordination. I hear it’s as good a form of exercise as anything. 😊

      2. David said his toe hit something and he went down. I think it is because he tries walking 4 miles an hour and isn’t paying attention. He does say he watches out but then he gets into it and doesn’t notice where his feet are going. I tell him he needs to stop to smell the roses like me. A walk is a walk no matter how fast you go.

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