Call of the Wild

This was totally different from the original movie from the book written by Jack London of the same title.

I didn’t realize how many movies had been made.

Then there is the TV show

How many of these have you watched? I know I have never watched the TV series or all the movies.

Now in 2020 the new Call of the Wild has been released. Of course, due to the big C, I don’t mean cancer either, Amazon Prime Video is renting movies that should be in the theater. David and I have rented and watched several.

The new Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford was excellent. I thought it would be just a remake but it had more to it than that. There were some common things but you just have to watch it to find out what.

Buck is a huge, sweet dog who ends up on a dog team during the gold rush. He reminds me of my Harrison, Great Pyrenees. He goes from being a spoiled rotten dog to one who can survive in the wild. Harrison just did it the opposite. He went from being on the streets to being a huge part of our family. He has also become spoiled.

I should watch this. It was very well made.

Stay safe out there!

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