Princess of York

Once upon a time there was a little girl, Maria, who was the Princess of York. She lived a quiet life on a quiet street with her Mother the Queen. Then one day as she looked out the window she saw a big, white animal walking down the sidewalk in front of her castle.

Maria tells the Queen, Christina, that there is a polar bear walking down the sidewalk. Her mother informs her that there are no polar bears in York. We live to far south for them to be here.

Princess Maria in front of her castle

Maria tells her Mom come and see the polar bear.

Mom tells her it is just a really big white dog. Yes I meant white not red, even though Harrison is almost as big as Clifford. Princess Maria finds out his name is Harrison and he walks his man everyday right by her castle.

As the days and weeks go by the Princess finds out that Harrison likes treats. Then one day she thought he looked thirsty, so she rushed in and came out with a bowl full of water. Now when he walks by he stops to have a snack and a drink with his new friend.

Harrison always has his man, David, stop at Princess Maria’s castle now when they walk by. Servant Man, David, and Queen Christina talk of things that do not interest the Princess. Maria likes this because then she gets more time with her new friend.

As time goes by Princess Maria becomes closer and closer to Harrison. Harrison loves attention from his Princess. Maria loves to pet Harrison and feel how soft he is.

She even introduces Harrison to her Mother, Queen Christina. Who now knows Harrison’s love for her daughter, Princess Maria.

As the Queen and Man sit and discuss things of the world, the princess grabs a last few moments with Harrison.

Harrison loves his new friend so much that he can’t wait for his man to come with him. If the door is open he will start walking to his Princess’ house without him. He loves his snack, drink and pet time he gets to spend with his little Princess.

Princess Maria and Harrison are now best friends.

In fact, they are so close now that Princess Maria has knight Harrison. Introducing Sir Harrison of York who is giving his love and service to his princess. The service being eating her snacks, drinking her water and letting her pet him. I think this doesn’t sound right. It sounds to me the Princess Maria has been performing services for Sir Harrison not the other way around. Well it works out well for both of them anyway.

It has been decreed by the Queen and the Man that when Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted there will be much partying. The Queen and Princess will come to Harrison’s house. His cook, Cindy, will prepare a wonderful feast of BBQ.

P.S. Another thing about Princess Maria is that she is very giving. She gave Harrison gifts for the man’s twin granddaughters. Maria also told him that she had more toys for them. Some day she will be a wonderful Queen!

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