Keeping Busy

Well I have been doing all kind of things around the house to keep busy. We have been having some nice weather, so David and I took advantage of it. David takes very good care of the lawn. We have found one big difference is that it needs to be mowed once a week. In Alaska it was every two weeks to a month depending on the rain. I have been working in the flower bed and trying to put a garden in. It is a lot of fun planting all the different flowers and there are so many more things I can grow in the garden here.

Of course, what is a beautiful, sunny day without a BBQ.

Chops, corn in foil, mushroom and peppers.

I have still been making masks. I have been mailing them to my family in different states. Thank you, Heather for all the material and half the elastic. Thanks, to Sarah for sending elastic too. I am glad I could do this for my family to keep them safe.

Face masks

I have been working on my carving too. I finished my fish the other day.

Wooden fish

It amazes me how a block of wood can become something like this. I guess that is why I like to sew. I like to see things become something different. I like watching the girls become little people and seeing their differences.

We have enjoyed just sitting on the deck watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits in our yard. As I sit there listening to music I start to think of days when I was young. I think of our first house on Sharon. It was a pink and white, 2 bedroom wooden house. I look at our big tree in the backyard which makes me think of my climbing tree in the backyard on Sharon. I look at the chain link fence and remember all the days spent in the yard playing and talking to the neighbors on each side of us. The Yates, not sure if that is how it was spelled, on one side was my best friend, Debbie. On the other side were the Macs. They were like my adopted grandparents. I remember they gave me a pool one year because they wanted to watch me play in it. They had some cocker spaniels I would play with. The back had a gate that opened up on the park. I remember the buttercups and Daddy taking me out there to fly my kites. He always put the string on a reel so it was always easy to get the kite back in.

Sitting in my quiet backyard I remember things I haven’t thought of in years. It was a simple life for a young child who had all the love a child could ask for. I remember the fishing trips, camping on Lake Mathis, grandparents visiting, and my cousin coming to spend time. I remember I had a pet chick and Mom accidentally killed it. Then I got a rabbit. They finally got her a home where she would get attention because I had grown tired of her. I remember turtles. This is when you got box turtles with paintings on their shells. There were goldfish and guppies. Oh the guppies, I remember they were popping out hundreds of babies and Mom was trying to save them. She was pregnant with my brother and very sick. She would scoop baby guppies and then run to the toilet to be sick. I think she saved all those little ones. I remember the times when the parents would sit in the backyard and visit while Debbie and I would play.

I am not sure if its the chain link fence or Covid-19 or just my age that brought back all these wonderful memories but whatever it is I am totally enjoying them. I was lucky because I came from some wonderful parents who love me very much. Yes, I said love because I am lucky enough to still have both my 91 year old parents around. I know that my brother, Kenneth, and sister, Dina, will agree with me on how lucky we are.

Stay safe out there!

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I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Busy”

  1. You have indeed been busy! You are so talented! You’re nice to make masks, even though IMO they are unnecessary. We do what makes each one of us feel safe.
    Your new place looks very nice and yall are making it better with gardens and flowers. Soon this will be over and you can visit with your babies again!

    1. Yes it won’t be long. They are starting to open up our town on the 22nd. I love working in the yard. David and I have tons of ideas.

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