Backyard Granddaughters

Last weekend Heather wanted to see her brother, Jared, before he headed back home to Sterling, Alaska. We are still under lock down and social distancing. We know we can visit in our backyard with making sure to stay 6′ between us. It was hard to not touch the girls though.

My little Beka is really starting to grow some curly hair. She is really getting tall and thin.

Kate is getting a lot more hair and is also a little skinny, minny.

Kate does like her sticks

Heather visiting with Jared while social distancing.

This is hard on my family because we like to hug when we see each other. We always tell each other that we love them. At least, we can still do that and social distance.

Beka was playing ball. I would kick the ball to her but even though I know she can kick the ball she would pick up and chase after me. Then Oma is running around the yard trying to social distance. This makes her laugh and everyone else too.

While Beka plays ball Kate does what she does best just be cute.

Now it is Mommy’s turn to play ball.

Heather wants to see the work that Jared has been doing to our upstairs bedroom, bath and craft rooms. She is safe by putting on a mask.

We might be a little over protected but we just want to protect our girls.

Beka pushed the truck around the whole backyard.

Kate decided to play ball next.

Kate was proud of herself for walking up the steps to the deck like a big girl.

Now it was time to play truck. This for some reason is very funny.

Kate once again just being cute.

Look at my cute little babies.

The girls just playing the yard.

Not sure what game this is. You start by looking out the fence.

Then you change sides.

Then we look through the fence again.

It was so good to see all my PA girls. I can’t wait for the day I can once again hug them.

I hope everyone stays safe out there.

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