Yellow Stage

Our county of York, PA has gone into Yellow stage, which means we can spend some quality time with our twin granddaughters, Bekka and Kate. They came over to spend the day with Oma and Grandpa.

Bekka got right to work sweeping the deck.

Kate on the other hand was excited about seeing her horse again.

We took our two little princesses to meet Princess Maria.

Our Bekka is a little shy so it took her a bit to get out of their stroller.

Kate and Maria asked if Maria could come over and play.

We headed back to our house for a day of play.

First you need to check out toys at Oma’s.

Maria and Kate decided that Harrison needed brushing, so they worked on that.

Bekka on the other hand decided she would check out their new stool.

Maria and I taught the girls to play ring around the rosy;

Kate has a best friend, Maria, now that isn’t her sister, Bekka. Maria and Kate blew bubbles for a long time.

While we waited for Daddy to come pick them up they played on the whee in the neighbors front yard. They are sure nice to let our girls play on it.

Bekka loves going up high as she says.

Grandpa and I had a great time with the girls. Maria was so good with them. She is a great helper. Thank you Maria!

Have you got to hold your grandchildren yet? If so let me know what you did with yours.

Thanks for stopping by!

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