Another Beautiful Day in the Backyard

Maria came over to help me with the girls today again.  They love having her over.  Kate says she is her best friend.

They played in the playhouse.

Bekka needed to sweep the floor in the playhouse even if it was grass.  The broom got stuck.  I really need to get this girl a little broom.  She is a real cleaner.

I guess they forgot what a door was because they used the windows to get in.  Thank you Maria for teaching them this.  lol

We had pool time which the girls call waggie.

They had a snack.

They got Oma to push them in their car.

While the girls napped Maria and I painted rocks to put out on the trails.

While the girls napped so did Grandpa.


Maria had to leave to go to the pool before the girls woke up.


When the girls woke up Kate blew bubbles with Grandpa.

Bekka checked out the rocks we painted.


Bekka decided the car was for climbing not driving.

Kate decides she should try this too.


Bekka loves her quack.


Kate cleaned the pool.


This two girls give us so much joy.  We are also so glad that Harrison made friends with Maria so we could have another adopted granddaughter.  We love all of our grandchildren tons.

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