Rocky Ridge County Park

We decided to go hike one of the many trails at Rocky Ridge County Park not far from where our kids live.  This was the girls’ first hike. Daddy brought their wagon for if they got tired.


First thing they saw really interesting was some Daddy Long Legs on a post.  They love itsy bitsy.


I left one of our painted rocks here.

We continued on.


Then Maria found a toad in a tree.

DSC_0006Next was a butterfly.


Lots of flowers.

Beka even brought me a flower.


We kept on trekking.


We came to the first overlook.  It sure isn’t what I am used to for an overlook coming from Alaska, but still nice.


Then as we were coming down the hill we saw a marsh or pond not sure what they would call it here.

Harrison thought he would check out the pond.  I thought he was just going down for a drink but no.

Now we know he likes the water.  He just doesn’t like baths.

Beka said time to keep on trucking.

DSC_0029Then we headed through the parking lot to the other lookout.

This first photo you can see 3 Mile Island in the distance.

DSC_0036DSC_0037Maria went to play on some boulders.

The girls on the other hand thought it was time to take a break on the rocks.

DSC_0051DSC_0052They stopped to smell the flowers,


while Christina and Maria came back from checking out a trail.


We saw one more butterfly.

DSC_0057Then it was time for two little girls to head home for lunch and a nap.

We all had a great time and will be going back for sure.  There are a lot more trails we need to check out and a play area for the kids too.  It is supposed to be a good place to bird watch if that is what you are into.  If you are ever in our area check it out.

Can’t wait until Christmas to go for a stroll through the Christmas scenes.

Stay safe out there.

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