PerryDell Farm

Heather called Friday night to see if we wanted to do something fun with the girls on Saturday.  We thought about several options but since Daddy had to go work on the apartments for a few hours we decided on something close.  We picked PerryDell Farm.  We had never been there before and the girls had never been close to moos.

This dairy is family owned and operated.  It was bought in 1923 by Howard Perry.  It was taken over by his two sons, George and Roger, who started bottling their milk.  It is now run by George’s 3 sons.  All the family pitches in on the farm and it supports 4 families.  For more information follow the link below.



At PerryDell you can walk around to look at the new calves.  They girls got to pet them.  They were a little shy with the calves at first but not by the time we were done.

Mommy showed the girls how to milk a cow.


Next Kate gave it a try.

Beka decided it was pretty safe so she gave it a try.


What’s in this hole, Beka wondered.


It is a baby Moo.  Let’s check them out, sis.

Then we went to look at some big Moos.

Before we could go get  some wonderful ice cream Bekka had to go milk the cow some more.  Mommy had to tell her to share when other people wanted to milk.  For being shy about it in the beginning she sure enjoyed it.


Kate had to run to help her sister.


I think their parents need to buy them a cow.  They are quite the little farm girls.


Then it was off to the store to get some snacks.


After snack more cows.

Next was family photo time.


Bekka decided one last trip to put her head on a cow was called for before we left.


Fun was had by all and I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.  The kids love getting to actually pet the cows.

Be safe out there.

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