Hanging with the Granddaughters

Sorry I have been gone for a while but I am still recovering from my thumb surgery.  I have finally got my cast off and have been wearing a splint.  I go to therapy twice a week but I should be all done by the end of this month.  It is getting a lot better.

Anyway we have been spending a lot of time with the granddaughters.  They love to play in our backyard which has turned into Oma’s Little Tyke Playground.  They love their pool too.  They really like it when Oma makes bubbles in the pool.

It is always nice when your sister takes you for a ride.


Oma and Grandpa got the girls new swimsuits and they think they should live in them at our house.  I guess it could be because all they want to do is play outside and in the pool.

Of course,  Harrison thinks that he better follow the girls when they have snacks in case they drop something.

Sometimes you just have to wash your stools.

The girls love picnics.


With Covid-19 still going strong we stick close to home.  We watch the girls so Daddy can go get some things done.  All of us adults have decided that the little girls don’t need to go into stores so they hang with us while we take care of the shopping.  We all seem to think that the girls are the most important thing to protect.  I think they are loved by all of us.

Stay safe out there!

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York, PA, USA

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