Staying Busy During Covid-19

David and I are still staying home most of the time.  We figure there is no use taking chances with Covid-19, so we have been just staying busy at home.  Besides taking care of our granddaughters a couple days a week we have been working on crafts, trying new recipes and working in the yard.  We don’t go out to eat but we do go over to the neighbors on Fridays and sit in their carport.  We order out and our men go pick it up.  That is the one night a week I don’t cook.  Talking about cooking here are a couple photos of something I cooked.

These are Keto friendly recipes.  The first one is an almond flour dinner roll.  They were good.  I also made fried chicken in my Air Fryer.  The coating is ground pork rinds.  It turned out great.

Then there is some crafting.  I made some magnets that came last month from Annie’s Kit Clubs.  I enjoy these because it is something new every month.  I have done several different kits.  If you are interested you can check it out here:

These were a lot of fun to do and easy.

David on the other hand has a little harder project I asked him to help me with.  Of course, he had lots of experience since he is a house painter.  Heather got these for free from a flea market.  She figured Mom could do something with them.

Not sure what I will do with them but have some ideas.

Then besides David keeping our yard beautiful.  I have worked in the garden.

I don’t know why I even posted these because I haven’t got one thing out of the garden.  The squirrels tore up my corn plants and my beans.  Then my green tomatoes started disappearing.  I asked a local if squirrels would steal them.  They told me no, so I couldn’t figure out what was getting them.  They were too big for the birds and too high for the rabbits. Then the next morning I look out the back door and there is a squirrel sitting in my chair eating my big, green tomatoes.  Dang squirrels!

I just love Harrison’s pretty white eye lashes, had to share.


Stay safe out there!

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