Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

We went with Heather’s family to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park.  We wanted it to  be somewhere that will be safe for all of us from Covid-19.  We went for the self guided walking tour first using social distancing and when in the reptile building we masked up.  The girls are doing well learning to wear their mask.

As we walked to the ticket stand we saw a peacock hanging out in the parking lot.


As we went through the gates we first saw a zebra.


Then we saw some bears.  It seemed kind of sad seeing them in cages instead of the wild in Alaska.  Well I guess not always the wild.  They do like to walk down the roads in Anchorage or on our property in Sterling.

The girls were excited to see some woggie.


Next stop was to look at the ducks and the girls even got to feed them.  We also saw a Capybara.

After the girls were sure the ducks, geese and any other animal in the pen were nacked up we moved on.

Next stop was the petting zoo.

The baby camel and kangaroo were adorable.

We headed to the Reptile House walking past monkey boos, kangaroos and chickens.

After masking up


we headed into the Reptile House.

As we walked out of the Reptile House the girls noticed the donkeys across the way.

Even better were the miniature horses.

Mommy let the girls feed the horses.  They loved that.

When it was time to head on Bekka had to tell the donkeys bye one last time.

We started heading back towards the car.  On our way we saw a baby emu, a hog and a bad monkey boo trying to grab things from people.


We then got into the van and went to do the drive thru part of the park.  Normally you would go on these big buses then the animals will come up closer.  I would like to go back when they start that again.  Just more changes because of Covid-19.

We had a great time and the girls loved it.  If you are ever in the neighborhood it is worth checking out.


Twin vocabulary:  woggie is water or a pool or body of water.

nack is a snack or meal.

Stay safe out there!

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