Creekside Farm

Well I have been so busy lately I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write, so I am a little time behind.

We took the girls to a tractor show at Creekside Farm.  It was time to play in the sunflower fields.  The farm is really cool and I am sure we will be back different times of the year for the different seasons.  I see that pumpkin season starts on September 4th.

This is their web page if you want more information:


We met Heather, Dan and the girls at the farm.

There was no cost to go look at the tractors.  They were sitting on top of the hill, so there was a tractor pulling a trailer that you could catch a ride.  Kate wanted to ride on the trailer but Bekka said no way, so grandpa and I rode with Kate.

On our ride up the hill we saw this great truck.


We also saw some of the bee hives.


Now it was time to go see some tractors.

Then we heard an announcement that the tractor pull was starting.  Oh yea, it was for kids.

The girls were too little to compete but they still got to sit on the peddle tractors.

They hung out with Dad and Grandpa while Mommy and I went and looked in a booth.


Next we found the guy running straw through his baler.  The machine was all made out of wood, even the gears were wooden.

Then off to check out more tractors.

We decided to go back down the hill for ice cream.  Kate decided we should ride in the trailer again, so Oma and Grandpa took her.

We then headed into the corn and sunflower fields.

Three tractors came up to get a photo taken and wanted the girls to sit on the smallest one and they wouldn’t.  Dad on the other hand couldn’t help himself.


The sunflowers were amazing.  I had never been in a field of sunflowers before.

Heather and I both cut sunflowers to take home.


Our little Kate walking down the trail.


Now time to play in the corn.  Who can find Grandpa?

Can we say, “Children of the Corn”?  This is a whole new way to look at that movie.

Then Daddy found a dead tractor in the field.

Then it was time to start heading back to the car.

When we got home I put my sunflowers in an old pitcher and placed them on my mantle.

We had a wonderful time with the kids.

Stay safe out there!

Thanks for stopping by.

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