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I know I haven’t posted in a while but I do have a very good excuse.  Our daughter, Heather, and her family took us to Disney World.  I had things to get ready; like making masks.  This is just part of the masks I made.  I made enough masks for each person, six of us, to have a new one each day for over a week.

Then I thought a lanyard would be a great idea for the girls because at 2 1/2 years old I knew it was going to be a challenge to not loose the mask.  I also got some Mickey Mouse beads which I used to make all of us lanyards.

We left on September 3rd.  That morning I finished our last minute packing.  We left our house at 9am to make our way to the kids house.  We had to stop and pick up a couple of things at Walmart that we had forgotten to get. We got to the kids and helped with the twins while Mommy and Daddy finished getting ready to go.

We were all ready to leave at 12:30.

We gassed up at 1, then proceeded to hit the road.

We stopped to take a pee break in Maryland from 2 to 2:30.

Mommy had to sneak in the backseat to talk to her girls.

The girls really like riding in the third seat.  Oma and Grandpa were in charge of them.

We keep on trucking.

We made it to Virginia by 3.  We were headed to some town called Spotsylvania.  We thought Dan was kidding when he told us.  Dan joined a club called Harvest Host.  You get to stay on different people’s property for free or if they have electric/water you pay a small fee.  I believe they are hoping you will buy something from them.  You can stay on farms, wineries, breweries and more places. Anyway back to my story.  We stayed in different places down and back.

Our little girls were so cute in the way back.

They took a nice nap which gave us all some silence.

We arrived at Wilderness Run Vineyard and 1781 Brewing Company at 4:55.  We were all hungry, so we headed straight to the food truck.  The girls on the other hand headed straight to the horses.

We didn’t checkout the winery but we did get some beers from the brewery which was very good.  The food from the food truck was great too.

The girls had fun playing with the chickens, roosters and ducks.  The chickens kept stealing the fries from Kate.

The girls played while Daddy set up the trailer.

We were missing our Harrison when we arrived we found out there were 5 Great Pyrenees on the property.

Daddy got the trailer set up in the pasture which we had all to ourselves.  We didn’t have electric or water but we survived.

We did have a beautiful sunset.

The girls got a new toy for our first night out. A nimi that lights up.  At least that is what they call them.

The next morning we took the girls for a walk while the boys got ready to leave.

We had a great time at this campsite.  You can check it out more here.


I knew I wouldn’t be able to post on our way down but I will explain later why I couldn’t until we got home.

Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!

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