Last Leg to Mickey’s House

Kate was very excited about going to Mickey’s house.  Beka would always say Minnie’s house.

We left around 9:30 taking back roads to our next camping spot.

We stopped for lunch at 11:25 at Nelson County Visitor Center in Virginia.

We found a nice table under some trees to have our picnic.

We have a good friend, Greg Durocher, who is a geologist, so we had to take some rock photos for him.  Of course, the girls had to get into the photos.

I hope you enjoyed the rock, Greg.

Daddy was working on the camp trailer, so we went for a walk in a small garden.  There wasn’t a lot left blooming for us to see but I did manage a few photos.

Heather and I decided to sit in the grass and let the girls run around until Daddy was done.

We were back on the road by 12:30.  We stopped for a quick gas up and pee break then onto some back roads to our next stop.  We hit North Carolina around 2:50 and South Carolina at 5.

We made it to Cartersville Country Winery at 6:20.  It was part of the Harvest Host club.  We didn’t have a whole pasture like the night before but we did have water and electric.  I believe it cost $20 for the night which was well worth it to be able to use the A/C.

The people that own and run the place were so friendly.  They took us into the store and let us taste several of the wines.  They had a peach wine frozen that we all bought a glass of, well except for Heather who doesn’t drink.  The wine was so good that we bought a case between us.

Headed out at 8:30, stopped for gas 9:40, hit Georgia at 11:40 dumped the trailer poop at 11:45 and kept on trucking.

The girls do manage to keep us entertained.  They cover them selves with stuffed animals before they settle in for a nap.

We crossed the Florida border at 1:45.  Few more hours before we will be at our hotel in Disney World.

Stay tuned for more about our Disney World trip.

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