Not the Disney Magic

Heather had never stayed at the The Contemporary Resort and wanted to so we could view the fireworks from our balcony.  Of course, the fireworks had been canceled due to Covid-19.  She paid extra to get this suite but we thought we would still be able to have a good view of the park.

We arrived at The Contemporary Resort at around 4.  Our room was ready, so we walked in to the lobby.  We just didn’t feel the magic.  The people were great but it just seemed like a normal hotel.  There was Mickey ears on the carpet.  We continued to the room hoping for more there.  The suite looked like many other suites I had stayed in all over the world when we had our timeshare.  It was nothing special.  There was Disney art on the walls but that was it.  So it began, no magic, like we expected from all our previous trips to Disney.

Heather, Dan and David when out to the camper trailer to get everything we needed for the hotel.  I stayed in the room with the girls.  We went out on the balcony and watched the choo choo, monorail.  The girls enjoyed that.  We could see the family unloading the camper from our fifth floor balcony.

We decided to go to Disney Springs to get some supper.  Dan and Heather decided we should drive because it would take too long on the shuttle.  We were all starving by now and look forward to a good meal.  We got there and saw a parking lot on our side of the road.  On the other side of the road we saw a long line to get into a parking garage.  We parked, unloaded the girls and the stroller then headed up on the elevator.  As we got off the elevator we were greeted by an employee that informed us that the parking garage was only for employees due to Covid-19.  We were then turned around and told where to go.  We were not the only ones who got turned around.

We followed the woman’s directions to where to park.  We end up in a line where we were turned around again because you could only park in the garages.  At least, this time we didn’t get the girls out.  By this time we were starving and there was still a huge line to get into the parking garage.  We did find out that the line was long because it was Saturday and they only allow so many people in Disney Springs because of Covid-19.

We decided to go back to the hotel. We were all too tired to mess with going out.  Heather ordered our food online from one of the restaurants at the hotel.  The only good thing was the girls did get to eat dirt and worms for dessert.

About 20 years ago I took Heather, Sarah, and her 2 oldest children, Rickie and Destiny to Disney Land.  I wanted to make to totally magical, so I set it up where when we got back to our room every night there was a surprise from Tinker Bell.  Heather thought it really made that trip magical, so she decided to do it herself for all of us.  She made the magic on that first night.

I figured it was a good time to catch up on my blogging, so I sat down to get started.  I couldn’t upload photos because the internet was so slow.  I sure didn’t expect that at Disney. That is why I had to wait until we got home to do all my blogging.

The one thing we did have was some beautiful sunsets.

We were so excited about the magic that you feel when you go to Disney, it was sad that our first night had no magic made by Disney.  At least, Tinker Bell made it magical with the presents she left us.

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by!

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