The Magic is Back

Heather planned our first day at Epcot.  We took the monorail to the Grand Floridian Resort.  Before you could get on the monorail you had your temperature checked.  Due to covid-19 we got a car to ourselves.  We could roll the stroller straight on without taking the girls out.

Also, you have to make reservations for the parks because they are limiting the people they allow in.  You must wear a mask at all times except when you are seated and eating or drinking.  You can’t walk around with food.  Reservations have to be made for restaurants too.  This is one of the ways Disney is trying to keep everyone safe.

We had reservations for the Grand Floridian Cafe.  The breakfast was so good.  We really enjoyed it.  The magic has started.

Outside there was a car that the boys wanted to check out

Us girls on the other hand had to checkout the carriage.

Two princess'
Beka didn’t want to get into carriage, so only Heather and Kate got their photo.

We took the Disney shuttle to Epcot.  After going through temperature testing and security we made it through the gate.  I really like these bands you get.  All we had to do was tap it and our tickets were on it.  Heather even had her credit card on hers, so she didn’t have to carry it with her.

As soon as we got through the gate we saw the big ball.  The girls kept calling it a moon.

We wanted to take the girls to ride something so we headed over to the Nemo ride.

As we walked through the line there were lights on the floor to make it look like water.  The girls thought this was so cool.  The laughed as they walked to the ride.  We all climbed into our clamshells. The next thing David and I hear are all the giggles from the girls.  When we got off the girls kept saying more boat ride.  They had really enjoyed it.  There is an aquarium there too, so we took them to see all the fish.  They thought that was fun.  They found Nemo fish, sharks and even snakes.  We all enjoyed watching them.

We did the baby swap for Soaring.  David and I went first.  I had done Soaring over California when it first opened in Disneyland and I loved it.  I did like the one in Disney World but I still preferred the one in Disneyland.  Anyway it was our turn to watch the girls while Mommy and Daddy rode it.

Taste of Epcot International Food and Wine festival was going on.  It should have been called Food, Wine and Beer Festival because that is what we drank.  There was some interesting beer to try all through the park.

There was some good music, beer and food in the building.  Also, there was air conditioning which was nice because it was really hot outside.  It was a little too crowded for my liking.  I believe that Dan, son in law, would agree with me.

The two best things though is we got the girls down for a nap and

the best maple syrup I have ever tasted. Yes, we did have to buy the gift pack.  It was from Burtons Maplewood Farm.  It you like Maple syrup like we do you should check them out.

We continued our walk through the different countries of Epcot.

The boys found a table and Dan decided to feed some of the locals.  This was a beak as the girls call birds.

Dan did tell the girls they weren’t allowed to do what he was doing.

We continued to walk through the countries.  It did rain but it stopped by the time we got our rain gear on.

We did come across the most amazing model train village.

We went to Norway to ride the Frozen ride.  The line was way long so we skipped it for now.  I did get a couple of photos of the area.  Including one of a Viking which reminds me of my son, Jared.  I did buy him a birthday present here though.

Heather made a reservation at San Angel Inn Restaurant for some good Mexican food.

I even had the signature margarita.

When we left the restaurant the girls found the sugar skulls.  They were so good about looking and not touching.  By the time I got out with the camera Beka had already moved but I did get a photo of Kate.  Heather had to buy them one because they were so cute with them.

We then went into on the Fiesta Tour Boat ride.

The girls loved the boat ride and asked for more boat ride, so we went around again.

When we got out it was pouring down rain.  This was the worst downpour we had the whole time.  It did last a little bit longer than the others.  It was time to head home now because the park was closing.

As part of Disney keeping everyone safe from Covid-19 the parks were closing early.

Tinkerbell had made an appearance in our room once again.

The girls got new hats and Minnie Mouse dolls.  The adults got new hats, except Heather got a headband with Minnie Mouse ears.  I got a really cool hat with furry Minnie Mouse ears and David got a cap that said Grandpa which he wore proudly for the rest of the trip.

The Magic was back and we all had a magical day.

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by!


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