The Real Magic

We ate breakfast in the room before we left.  We all wore our hats we had gotten the night before.  Heather got the girls some ears that just clipped into their hair.  I had to get a photo of my girls together.

Heather had everything scheduled because that is what she does and we had to have reservations for everything; including the parks.  We arrived at the Magic Kingdom as the park was opening.  Heather tapped her wristband to get in and we didn’t have reservations for that park.  She had made a mistake and we were supposed to be at Animal Kingdom.  They had openings to get into the park, so we all got in but they canceled our Animal Kingdom and we couldn’t change it to the next day.  Heather got our reservations changed for our dinners, so that was okay.  Heather was so upset and thought she had ruined our whole vacation.  David said she sounded like her Mom.  I guess she is like me in some ways.  Anyway, this is when the real magic came into play.

There was an opening show, so the girls got to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the first time.  They were so excited.

The girls were happy watching the show, so we went into customer service in city hall.  David and I went to get our first time pins.  Heather went to try to fix the error that was made in which park we were supposed to be in.  This is when the real magic came in.

We all walked to the window.  Heather explained that we had come to the wrong park.  The lady checked to see if there were any opening to get into Animal Kingdom the next day.  She said that there was no openings for tomorrow.  With my daughter in tears thinking she had ruined our whole vacation the magic happened.  The wonderful lady that was helping us said she had an idea that might work.  She ran her fingers across the keyboard and the next thing we knew we were into Animal Kingdom.  After making this magic, we asked for our first time buttons.  We even got some for the girls and the lady even gave Heather one.  This wonderful woman saved the day by creating some Disney Magic.

Heather thought she had ruined everything but I told her everything happens for a reason.  To see the look on the girls faces when they saw the characters was well worth the error.

We followed the tram to the castle to start our wonderful day.

The first ride we went on was the Magic Carpet which was just like the Dumbo Ride.  Kate loved it while Beka decided she didn’t like being up high.

Beka wouldn’t leave her Mommy’s lap.  While big sister, by 28 minutes, Kate had to sit by herself and loved being up high.

Next we went on a safari boat ride.

The girls loved the boat ride and we are still hearing “more boat ride”.

We did a baby swap for a ride and while we were watching the girls we walked along the water to watch the boat and look at the flowers.

We decided to take the girls on the paddle wheel in hopes of them taking a nap.

Well we didn’t get what we were hoping for.  Instead, we got more boat ride, more boat ride until we saw the character parade.

It began with one of my favorites Tinker Bell.  Then came all the Princesses and ending with Fairy Godmother.

We took the girls to see Country Bear Jamboree.  They loved it because of the music.

We then went to the Haunted Mansion ride.

The girls hated this ride, scared them.

We took them to Small World and they liked it because it was a boat ride.

Next we decided to go on the Winnie the Pooh ride.  Poor little Kate couldn’t make it any longer without without a nap.

Kate did go on the ride never stirred from Grandpa’s shoulder.

We said good by to Magic Kingdom.

We took the monorail back to our hotel because we had a wonderful meal at The Wave.

We left for our room and the girls proudly carried their balloons that Oma and Grandpa brought them.

Then it was time for some silliness before bedtime.

Hope you got a little of the joy out of our day.  I know we got a bunch.

Be safe out there and thanks for stopping by!

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