A Day in Animal Kingdom

This is the day that we went to Animal Kingdom which we were all looking forward to going to because of the opening of the ride, The Banshee.  If you watched the Avatar movie you will know that these are the animals that they flew on.  We had to do a baby swap for this ride.  David and I went first.  I have to say it was the best ride of all and we rode it twice.

I always say that everything happens for a reason.  Heather thought that she had ruined everything yesterday by her error. I believe she didn’t because the line wasn’t bad and as we found out it is too long on the weekends and this was a Monday.

Kate was being goofy with her hat.  I think she had her nimmie, sea anemone, under her hat.

Animal Kingdom was our favorite park.  I couldn’t help but take photos.  I started while we were watching the girls for Mom and Dad so they could ride The Banshee.

We thought we would take the girls on a truck ride.  We went to stand in line for Kilimanjaro Safaris thinking the girls would love to see all the animals.  They had plastic screens between the bench seats in the truck to protect us from Covid-19.  Thinking they would put us in two seats we thought the girls could see everything, but no they cram us all on one bench.  Kate had decided she likes to sit by herself but there was no room.  The ride was kind of bumpy which would not have been bad if we weren’t crushed on the bench.  Enough complaining and on to the photos I did manage to take.

The girls didn’t like the ride at all.  We all came out totally dripping with sweat.

I did hear today that there was a new giraffe born in the reserve.  She is 6 feet tall and weights 156 pounds.  To bad we just missed this.

We just loved this park.  A few more photos.

The kids wanted me to take a photo of them, so I did but not sure which one is best.  You can leave a comment to let me know which one you like best.

We stood under the tree of life to order our lunch.  You had to preorder your food at most places.

We found a nice place to eat outside by the water.  I had a nice pulled pork sandwich for lunch.

We had a nice view.

I just loved Animal Kingdom and kept stopping for photos.

We had a couple little girls who finally gave up.

Dan was really feeling bad and had to go back to our hotel.  He found out that his insulin pump had slipped out and his insulin was running down his side.  He was so sweaty he didn’t realize it.

After Dan left we saw a bird show.

We saw some characters coming down in a boat.  The girls just love seeing the characters.

Grandpa took over pushing the girls when Dad left.  Heather and I looked up and noticed that Grandpa’s sweat on the back of his shirt looked like an angel.  What do you think?

Grandpa is my angel that is for sure.  He is so proud of his little granddaughters.

Heather and I took the girls on the dinosaur ride.  Beka didn’t like it because it went up high.  She kept telling Mommy, “NO UP HIGH!”  Kate loved it though.

We saw Mickey and Minnie coming down the river.  Minnie even blew kisses to the girls.

Daddy got to feeling better after he figured out what caused his sugar to soar.  He caught back up with us before we got on our last boat ride.

Then we went to Rain Forest for supper.  We had forgotten about the thunder.  Of course, this loud noise scared our little Beka.  It went off just as Daddy got the stroller parked inside.  Beka got scared but it wasn’t too loud at our table and there was too many other things for her to look at.  Dinner was great and so was dessert.

After dinner we went into the store and looked around.  We were impressed because the shuttle driver came in to make sure that there was no one that needed the shuttle due to the last one was leaving.  We drove the car this day.  My disabled badge sure came in handy for parking.

When we got home Tinker Bell had dropped off presents once again.  I am not sure what she was thinking about with these activity desks.  The girls wanted to do everything in them all at the same time.  Heather decided they needed to be put up until they got home.

Kate helped me open my present which was some pajama bottoms.

This was an end to a wonderful day.  Well except for Dan.  He now double checks his pump when his sugar levels soar way high.  He has only had this happen a few times in all the years he has had his pump.  We sure don’t want to loose him.

Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!

Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

2 thoughts on “A Day in Animal Kingdom”

  1. I loved looking at your pictures because we went by the Ft Worth Zoo yesterday and learned you have to make reservations ahead of time during this ridiculous time but looking at your pictures was like getting to go to the zoo! The girls are adorable and for sure getting spoiled. Sorry Dan had trouble with his insulin pump and that yall had to deal with masks and sweat and everything, it almost makes going not worth it!

    1. I know what you mean about maybe not being worth it but when I saw the smile on those girls it was worth it. Plus, there weren’t as many people in the park. Heather is so good at taking carry of planning everything.

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