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Heather had planned our trip so well but this was something she didn’t plan.  She didn’t know that her big brother, Jared, had connections to Universal Studios.  She had always wanted to go to see Harry Potter land.  Jared has an older gentleman that lives with him who is the father of his best friend, Justin.  Justin’s Mom, Karen, is a witch at the Squeaky Cauldron and she got us free tickets.  Justin is also one of my adopted sons, so I really wanted to meet Karen.

We were supposed to just hang out at the hotel by the pool for the day while Dan went to car museum he had been wanting to visit.  He dropped the rest of us off at Universal Studios where we met up with Karen.

Karen didn’t get to stay with us long because she had things to do and has a hard time wearing the mask.  To say the least she hasn’t been able to work because of this.  It was really nice to get to spend a little time with her.  Her family think so highly of my oldest son, Jared, which makes me very proud.

We walked into a Minion Store where an employee told Heather to take the girls in the back to watch a minion dance.

The girls called him the two eyed Mike.  The were talking about Mike in Monster University.  They had no idea what a Minion was.

Grandpa is so good at watching the girls while Mommy and Oma look in shops and go on rides.

There were some great cars to see.

We made it just in time to see the Sponge Bob’s float pass by in a parade.

We saw Puss in Boots.  The girls love seeing the characters even if they don’t know who they are.

They have no idea about Barney but they loved the show.

Curios George town was closed but I did manage a photo.

We saw the Back to the Future car.

We visited Springfield while we were there too.

We headed to Harry Potter land next.  There are two parks here and Harry Potter land is in both.

The first thing we did was to head to the Squeaky Cauldron.

We ate lunch there.

Heather and I had to try a butter beer.  We thought it was good.

We all had some typical British food. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was not even close to the ones at Cartmel in village shop in the Lake District in England

We headed deeper into Harry Potter land to go on a ride.  Heather and I got our wands.  We learned how to make them work.  There are places that you can do magic in this part of the park.

We then headed over to the other park because we wanted to take the girls to Dr Suess land.

Heather and I rode on our broomsticks here.  It was really fun.

Dr Suess Land here we come.

Beka wouldn’t ride on the horse.  We then went to ride another up high ride and Beka wasn’t allowed to sit in Mommy’s lap, so she didn’t get to ride.  Kate had a ball though.

The girls loved the characters here.  I think they actually did a better job of letting people get photos with them with social distancing.  All Disney did was have parades.

Dan picked us up from the park and we headed to the Polynesian Resort to eat dinner at the Kona Cafe.

After dinner we went outside to get a Dole Whip.  The adults, well the tall ones, got one with Rum.  Heather, the short adult, got just a plain one like the girls.  We told Beka to be very careful when she took the garbage to the can.  We have never seen her move so slow.  We all laughed.  Of course, then Kate had to do it.

We headed back to our hotel where Grandpa read them their night time story.  Grandpa was in charge of that every night.  He also brushed their hair in the morning.  He is a pretty good Grandpa.

Another wonderful day with our granddaughters and kids.  Thank you again Heather and Dan for letting us share this time with ya’ll.

Be safe out there and thanks for stopping by!


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