Magic Kingdom Once Again

Well we headed for Magic Kingdom on the Monorail.

The girls loved riding the train.  It was really nice having the whole couch to ourselves.

We got into the park in time for the opening show.  I think the characters are the girls favorite thing.

David and I decided we should have our photo taken with Roy.

Here comes the horse drawn tram.

Who was on the tram you ask.

Why Piglet and Rabbit, of course.

We followed the tram down Main Street.

If I didn’t know better I would have thought the guy in the orange shirt was my son, Jared.  Well except for the hair is too short.

We stopped to get a photo of the kids in front of the castle.

Can you pull the sword from the stone?

Today was going to be a day for little girls to ride whatever they wanted.  The first stop was the carousel.

As they waited in line I thought I hope Beka will actually get on a horse this time.

Beka rode her horse

They had so much fun and wanted to ride it again.  I was so glad that Beka wasn’t afraid.

We could see the Beast’s castle up on the hill.

We passed through Beauty’s village on our way to the Dumbo ride.

Beka didn’t want to go up high, so Heather took Kate.  Beka once again said, “No up high!” She was happy to stay down low in her stroller with Daddy.

Kate loved it and had to go up high again.

There was a Dumbo sitting by the ride where you could get photos.  We all got our photos taken there.

Then it was off to the teacups.

The girls weren’t excited about this ride.  They came off saying, “No More!”

Then we decided to go drive some cars.  The girls did like that.

It was time for lunch next.  We went to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Lounge.  I have to admit the show was rather funny and the hotdogs a true footlong.  While burgers had Mickey Mouse on them.

Next was a photo op with Lilo.

We never could get a photo of the girls both looking my way when there was a character around.

As we walked through the park we came upon a man that was painting with water.  To be this talented would be amazing.

Heather and I had to have a pumpkin spice shake.

We wandered through the park as I snapped some photos.

Then came the Princess Parade.

Of course, on the end of the float perched up high where she can keep an eye on  all the Princess’ was the Fairy Godmother.

As we walked toward the raft to go to Tom Sawyer’s Island we just happened to see the Country Bears.

We walked down to wait in line.

We watched the paddle boat go by.

Then here came our raft to take us out to the island.

As Heather and Dan walked around with the girls.  Grandpa and Oma found a nice place to relax.

It was nice to sit here because it did start to rain and we stayed dry.  I did get a few photos though.

I got a call from Heather saying that they were at the landing waiting for a raft.  David and I headed that way.  We heard all this laughing.  Then we saw why.

Beka who is usually the one to start something heads out from under the roof to play in the puddle and rain.  She stands where the water running off the roof can fall right on her head.  Kate seeing that her sister in getting attention follows suit.  I just wonder how much trouble Beka is going to get her big sister, well by 28 minutes, Kate into over the course of their life.

As we get back on the mainland we see more characters from the 100 Acre Woods.

We walked on.

Back to the carousel for another quick ride.

Pass the castle,

a waterfall,

and a duck

to come upon another parade.

We saw Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.  The girls were so excited.

We headed to Jungle Navigation Company for supper.  It was pouring down rain when we got there but luckily Heather had made us reservations.  You really just couldn’t do without them anywhere because it was a terribly long wait if you didn’t have them.

Dinner was great and so were the desserts.  The girls though got bored before the adults got done.  They got to watch Mike on Mommy and Daddy’s phones.

Kate found this chair as we were leaving and thought she needed her photo in it or maybe it was Oma.  Anyway I obliged her or me, not sure.

The girls have become such hams.

I told the kids they needed a photo in front of the castle.  Dan took his mask off and got caught, so photos are with mask of course.  The year of being masked in Disney World.  I feel like such a criminal.

The park was closed now so time to head back.

Once again Tinkerbell made an appearance in our rooms.

The girls loved their new toys.  Their first remote controls.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it because it was fun to look at the photos and remember all the memories we made.

Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!


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