Goodbye Animal Kingdom

It is getting close to the end of our trip.  One last day at Animal Kingdom.  I said before this is our favorite park.  We were hoping to ride the Banshee again but with it being a weekend the line was too long.  I guess it will be on our list next time we go.

I do love all the thought that went into building this park.  Every time you walk through you see things you missed the first time.

We stopped to watch some characters going by on a boat.

Kate and I rode the Triceratops while Beka hung out with Grandpa.  Beka was very happy she didn’t have to go up high.

Kate loved it and we rode it twice.

While Mommy and Daddy were off riding a ride we walked around.

We wandered around the little zoo.

When we came out we watched the monkeys on an island temple.

Daddy and the girls checked out a new ride.

More characters in a boat.

Then we took the train to a discovery area.

The girls had fun there.

Grandpa once again did a good job getting the girls to take a nap.

Tinkerbell once again came by our place and left surprises.  The girls got new books and we got Christmas ornaments.

Another wonderful day spent with our family.

Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!


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