Our Last Day at Disney World

Our last day was spent at Epcot.  We arrived there and made it through the entrance one last time.

Of course, the first thing you see is the big circular structure.

I thought we needed a photo of the kids here.

The Covid-19 look with masks on.

I got some nice flower photos.

We walked through the park around the lake.

We came upon a parade.  The girls did love watching the characters.

The girls have decided they really like Pluto.  Of course, Mickey and Minnie are still their favorite.

The girls needed a snack.


We walked around some more.

As Grandpa got the girls to sleep the rest of us shopped.

When the girls woke up Grandpa and Mommy took the girls in a maze.  The girls were leading the way or should I say Beka led and Kate followed along with Mommy and Grandpa.  Beka kept walking into shrubs and would say “Uh Oh!”  We would laugh and then she turn and lead on.

They made their way out thanks to Beka.

We were in the British section so had to take a few photos.

We stopped and had a little snack and a drink.  We had a visitor at our little table.

The girls loved this.

We did find time to have some hat play.

We did ride several rides.  Nemo was the girls favorite.

Then we headed to Tutto Italia for our last meal in the park.

Dinner was wonderful.

As we left the restaurant I thought we needed one last family photo without a mask.  No one was around because the park was closing so we got away with one.

Kate said can we take it here.

I watched the birds go to settle in for the night in the trees.

The sun was setting now as we headed to the park entrance.

We said good-bye to Epcot.

We made it back to the hotel for one last sleep there and one last visit from Tinker Bell.

We all had a wonderful time.  I just want to thank Heather and Dan for taking us and letting us get so much enjoyment from our granddaughters.

I hope all of you enjoyed our trip to Disney World as much as we did.  Next will be our trip home.

Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!


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