Trip Home from Disney World

We loaded up and were off by 10:26am.  At 12:15 we had to stop so Dan could check on the trailer.  We ate lunch in the truck and were off again by 12:30.

We had to make a pit stop in Georgia for 10 minutes at 4:30.  By 5:10 we hit South Carolina and were at the Whipperwill Farms by 5:36.  Dan got us parked up while we took the girls to look at animals.

The girls loved looking at the rabbits, pigs, chickens and goats.

The one thing we didn’t think about when camping at a farm is the smell.  I forgot how wonderfully stinky the smells are at a farm.  It is even worse when the billy is in rut like it was here.  I was happy for the electric though so we could keep the windows closed and the air on.

After Dan got done setting up the trailer we all went for a walk.

When we got back to the trailer the girls decided to play in the dirt which was very fine more like dust.

Mommy and Daddy were not impressed with all the dirt on my girls.  They were so bad that they had to get a shower outside before we could let them into the trailer.  I just laughed because playing in dirt is what little kids do.

The next morning we left the farm at 9:30 to head for our next camping place.  Kate we could tell was not feeling well.  She had no temperature.  Heather and I decided that she might have a UTI.  She seemed to cry when she peed.

We stopped in Florence, South Carolina at the Pee Dee Farmers Market where we had a picnic on the grass.  Kate was having a hard time.  It was a nice farmers market.  We left there at 1:30.

It was time for a nap. So the girls got settled into their car seats.

We crossed the border into North Carolina at 2:50.  We were in Virginia by 5:18.  We stopped at a grocery store at 5:45 to try to find something that would help our Kate.  We got some cranberry juice but she wasn’t too keen on it.  I guess it was a little too tart for her.

We arrived at Franklin County Distillery at 7.  We camped out in the parking lot along with a few other campers.

We ate dinner there and tried some of the vodka that they distill.  The owner was there and he was great.

I took some photos of the inside because it was just a cute place.

Heather called the doctor to talk about what he suggested for Kate.  He said just to give her juice that has citric acid.  The waitress gave Heather some orange juice and some Sprite to mix with the cranberry juice, this did help with getting Kate to drink it.

We left the next morning for home around 10:15.  We stopped at noon for gas and ate in the truck.  We crossed the border to Pennsylvania at 3 and we were back home by 5.

This was a great vacation.  We are so glad that the kids gave us this time with them and with our beautiful granddaughters.  We will never forget this vacation!

Stay safe and thanks for stopping by!



Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Trip Home from Disney World”

  1. So sad that one of the babies has a UTI, sometimes sitting in the bubblebath too long can result in that. Yes, lots of juice, maybe trie some cranberry gummies or any kind a pedialyte with cranberry in it-Maybe even try some Gatorade-0, it has no sugar and tastes great!
    Looks like a great trip, I’m so glad you all are getting time together. 😉

    1. Thanks Kim we did have a wonderful time. Kate got over the UTI and now they are being potty trained. I worry about Kate though because she will hold it for a very long time. They are both doing great at going to the potty.

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