Butcher’s Family Fun Farm

Heather and I had been wanting to go to a corn maze since we have moved here.  We finally got to one at the end of the season.

Butcher’s Family Fun Farm


We found the coolest swings made out of tires which the girls really enjoyed.

The girls saw this cool little cow train pulled by a small tractor.  They wanted to ride it but when it came down to it Beka wouldn’t get on.  As Mom, Dad and Beka walked along side she then decided to ride.  The nice driver stopped so she could get in.

Next we had some lunch.

The girls then saw the peddle tractors and had to give that a try.  They were a little short but they gave it their best try.

The girls have learned all about hand sanitizer.  They do believe that you should rub it all over yourself.

Next was the corn maze which was huge.  The girls were leading the way which was quite the experience.

After walking in circles for quite awhile we got the girls to go another way.  We figured out it was going to take a long time.  Dan and I decided we would go out while we were still by the entrance and take the girls on the tractor ride while David and Heather finished the maze.  Beka wanted to go with us but Kate said she was staying with Mommy.

Dan and I got out of the maze and got in line for the tractor ride.

Just as we got back from our ride here came Heather, David and Kate out of the corn maze.  Kate insisted that Mommy carry her the whole time.  She wouldn’t even let Grandpa carry her.  To say the least Mommy was beat when she came out of the maze.

Oh boy, goats we can pet.

Kate does love her goats.  Actually, she loves any animal like horses, donkeys, calves, and bunnies to mention some.

Then it was off to the cow train again.

Grandpa found a good place to wait.

Next to check out some real tractors.

Beka checked out the green tractor. She had a hard time reaching the pedals.






Daddy can’t resist climbing on the old red tractor. That sounds like a song “The Old Red Tractor.”
Kate told Daddy how to drive it.
Beka wanted to ride the tire tractor one last time.

Just a little social distancing.

Then the best part.  The girls got to each pick out a pumpkin.

A great time was had by all!  We do wish that PopPop and MeMe were here to enjoy our granddaughters too.  I hope they will enjoy these photos at least.

Stay Safe Out There!

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