Flinchbaugh’s Orchard & Farm Market

Once again we head to a farm that we have been wanting to check out.  A lot of people told us about all the things that go on here; like summer programs, corn maze, straw maze and more.  We were a little late for the season but we still had a great time.  The girls had a wonderful time playing.

I figured to start the day we should do a family photo of Heather, Dan and girls.  Check this out MeMe and PopPop!

The girls do love their mazes.  They had so much fun in the straw maze.

Then Beka and Kate decided they were big girls now because they don’t wear diapers any more so we can’t call them babies.  They are so big they could walk along the top of the hay bales.

They aren’t too big to get help down though.

Then they played drop the small pumpkin down the hole and watch it roll down.  They thought this was fun to play.

Then it was to play throw the ring on the corn. Kate was pretty good at throwing the ring on the corn.  Beka on the other hand just took the rings and dropped them on the corn.  They were so funny.

Grandpa found a chair to watch from afar.

We went into the farm market and got some nice sandwiches, drinks, chips and a dessert for a nice picnic lunch at one of the tables.

Then the girls found a lady bug they needed to keep a close eye one.

Then we checked out the wagon.  I tried to get a family photo but that didn’t work out.

This is when all heck broke out.  Beka had to go poop and the girls were afraid of the the Port a Potty which reminds me of some of my other grandchildren.  Mommy and Daddy were smart and brought their potty, so Dad went to get it.  Guess what happened next!  Well if you said Dad locked the keys in the van you would be right.  Now Beka has pooped her pants.  Heather asked me to watch Kate, so they could take care of Beka.  Of course, everything was locked in the car like wipes and clean panties. Oh yea, the spare keys were in Heather’s purse in the van as well.  As they tried to clean Beka up in one outhouse, Kate and I went to another one.  Oma had to pee and Kate said she did but once she got inside she said, “NO, NO, NO!”

We stopped on the way back to check out some little pumpkins.

We just hung out until the road side service showed up and got the van unlocked.  Then we all headed home.

MeMe and PopPop be glad you miss this part.  Hopefully, ya’ll will be here for a visit in the spring when we can really enjoy the farm.


Stay safe out there!

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