Thanksgiving 2020

Even with Covid-19  causing many to think this year is the worst ever we found things to be thankful for.  In fact, we found a lot; no one in our family have contracted Covid-19, we have a loving and caring family, we are very lucky to have 12 beautiful grandchildren, we have portal to stay connected to our family which seems to make them seem closer and many more.

David and I are lucky that we do have some family here.  That means that we went to Heather and Dan’s for dinner.  Heather and I split the cooking which made it easier on both of us.  I did cheap on desserts by buying the pumpkin pie from a local bakery and the Lemon bundt cake from Maria to support her school.  They were both delicious and I didn’t have to cook them which was nice.

When we got to their house Heather and the girls already had the table set.

We almost had a disaster when the steaks were opened and they looked a little green.  Heather and I checked the freezer for some other kind of meat but didn’t really find any thing.  I thought I would check to see if a store was open.  Of course, there was a store open.  David and I ran over and grabbed more steaks.  Thanksgiving was saved.  Just another thing to be thankful for.

Dan started grilling the steaks.

Heather finished getting the food on the table.

Beka and Kate were so excited about dinner they were up in their seats before the rest of us got there or said grace.

Grandpa made it to the table before the rest of us.

After dinner the girls went back to playing before nap time.

Beka does everything a little different.  She figures why pull one toy when you can all of your pull toys at once.

Then it was time to play with blocks they decided.

Then Kate built a really big tower.

Before we got there Heather had taken all the back cushions off the couch and showed the girls they could jump off the couch onto the cushions.  Reminds me of when Jared taught his younger siblings how to jump out of the loft onto the couch.  Heather will never be able to keep the cushions on the couch again.

Heather then told the girls that it was nap time.  They told Mom they wanted to have a Dora nap.  Oma got busted! On Tuesday before Thanksgiving when I had the girls I was trying to finish my stuffing during the girls’ nap time. First I burned the cornbread while trying to dry it out.  They I had to remake it but was 1/2 cup short of cornmeal.  David came home from running errands with the smallest head of cauliflower I had ever seen which I was supposed to feed 6 with.  I had to send him out to get another head and cornmeal.  He had to go to several stores to get it.  While all this is happening I have two little girls who keep climbing out of their play and pack

, undressing and running around naked in their room.  After many potty trips and dressing them several time I finally told them if they would get dressed and lay quietly on the couch they could watch Dora.  This they did.  They laid there for two Dora’s and then I told them they could get up.  This is when the TV got turned off.

Anyway when the girls got up we had our desserts.  The girls like the cream as they call it best.

I think Mommy and Grandpa like the cream too.

After dessert you can guess what our girls wanted to do next.  If you guess jump you would be right.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our Pennsylvania family.  I hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving too.

All you have to do is open your eyes and look around to find something to be thankful for.

Please stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by!

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